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30 July 2007 @ 12:50 pm

Most of these are for patterns and textures because I don't use an awful lot of brushes as a rule. There's a probability chance that I've missed something off or forgotten to update this after a downloading spree, and if that's the case then please poke me and I'll add you right away ♥

dearest coffeeforcloser _excentric_ petit_pixel cooloring magicaltrio rythmique infinite_muse eveningwalk love_square lifeisdolce velvet_box yunhe peak77 dusty_paper lemonpunch music_fun chaotic_fae kiho_chan graceful_shadow dulcesuenos

Older Entries;
pildas hgx loveicon _promenadeicons cdg discolore lovelytrash.org disparue.org colorfilter toybirds


House; jukebox_grad, bluebear_74, laugh_cry_live, dj_capslock, house_daily, worried_bubble Bones; spiffy_daze, Beyond-Bickering.Net Weeds; funshine_icons The Office; office_caps inconceivable_m Time-Enough.net _jems_ Dexter; dexter_caps Pushing Daisies; Pushing Daisies-TV.com Stock; stock-xchng True Blood; marishna Weeds & Nurse Jackie caps; burgundy_shoes Fuck Me Duchovny font; lissie_pissie

Because I cannot memorise coding for love nor money (and am incredibly lazy);

If there are any exceptions, credit will be given in the post that caps/resources are used.
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GEMAAAAAAAAPANTS: hmd; lc || is she blushing?iwant_sprinkles on February 4th, 2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, thank you! I really did not expect that :D